About Us

Quality appliances make life easier and more comfortable. IKON has always taken pride in its ability to offer its customers top quality appliances that are ideal for all occasions. With IKON appliances you are assured value for money and appliances that will last a lifetime. Products that fit every budget and style are what you find at every IKON store.

IKON brings you entertainment and technology par excellence with its range of high end electronics. With IKON products a house becomes a home, and domestic chores have never been easier than with IKON’s range of household products. They are styled for easy use and maintenance and offer quality service.

Adopt a healthy lifestyle with IKON’s range of kitchen and cooking appliances. Enjoy the exquisite designs coupled with advanced technology when you choose IKON products to cook and create your favorite recipes. Choose from a range of products to take home and add to your kitchen.

To bring home an IKON visit LuLu Hypermarkets, Emirates General Markets or Al-Falah Plaza and enjoy a new and happier way of living.